What is Kredittkort and what are the Most Crucial Features to Know

We live in the most exciting time of the history of mankind. We have so many payment options, that worrying about money is nearly useless. If you’re skilled and want to work, be sure that money is not going to be an issue for you.

The credit card system that banks and other financial institutions provide for their clients, manages to take care of the payment problem easily. Credit cards are handling every problem that people might have, and only the proper handling of the budget is needed to keep everything in order perfectly.

The popular kredittkort, or the credit card, has many features that some people are not aware of. In this article, we’re sharing some of these features, benefits, but also downsides, for everyone that wants to learn more about them – how they work, what they are best for, and what are their features. Read on if you want to find out more about this.

What is a credit card?

A credit card is a piece of plastic or metal with nearly unlimited possibilities in the financial world. Although this is quite a brave sentence, credit cards are indeed made to create an easier financial approach for everyone coping with payments and limitations.

It is issued by a financial company, most usually a bank, and is given to a customer with an account in the same company. With it, you can borrow money without the need for approval and up to a particular limit. Spending and payment are entirely controlled by the user, and for this, they pay an interest rate until the funds are fully returned.

There are more different types of them

Depending on what features they provide, there are many different types of cards. There’s the standard one that provides nothing more than a low-interest rate for the amount withdrawn. Then, there are the balance, reward, retail, secured, student, prepaid, etc. See more about them here.

They all have their pros and cons and depending on what you need, you may get one or another. Ask the employees in the company you’re getting the card from about what your options are and what you’re eligible for. You might find out that some of the benefits can work amazingly for you.

You may get one from one issuer, or even all of them at the same time. One account can be used for some needs, while the others can be used for something else. The average American never has only one card. They all have at least two, and in many cases, they come from different companies.

The credit limit is the most essential part of them

When you ask for a credit card, you need to know what you get from it. The withdrawal limit is the most essential part that you must know. This limit is going to determine how much money you have at your disposal. The whole point of this card is to have more money than your actual income in the month.

If your income is high, you’ll get a higher limit and you’ll be able to withdraw a lot more than you actually earned during the previous month. In some cases, this limit can be so high, that you don’t need to worry about having enough money ever.

Some issuers provide a black or golden card which is basically limitless. You can take out as much as you want. These are issues only for a handful of people, or people that will provide a guarantee that they can easily repay the funds. Businessmen and people from showbiz are usually among those that have the privilege to have it.

Mind the APR

APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate. It is actually the interest rate that the user will pay on a yearly level for all the money that they borrowed through the credit card. If the interest rate is too high, then you might consider using it at all.

If the interest rate is low enough for you not to worry, then you can spend all you want knowing that you’ll only have to repay the original debt, and you’re not going to lose a fortune on interest rates.

In both cases, it’s worth knowing that the interest rate can make you lose a lot of money out of nowhere, or have it backing you up when it is the most crucial. The APR shows you if you need a new card, or you can easily get by with the old one.

They have a grace payment period

Whatever you buy with your credit card, you should know that the funds are not immediately released to the retailers or the company providing a service. The money has a grace period that is perfect for you. If the retailer did something wrong and didn’t deliver what was agreed, you can refund them and wait for them to right the wrong.

At the same time, this is great for hacking and stealing from your account. If you notice suspicious behavior, you should ask the bank to check it out and block particular transactions. Then, they will inform the police, and the insurance company will have to handle the problem.

Unlike this situation, owning a debit card won’t provide you this comfort. The debits are instantly withdrawing funds from your account, and there’s no way of getting them back. What you lose at that moment, it’s lost forever. Credit cards will keep your money safe.

Providing rewards and cashback options

One interesting feature that some people can’t get enough of is the reward system and the cashback options that credit cards provide. These features are founded on the ability to spend more and will award those users that use the credit card more often.

The more users spend their money on the credit card, the financial company will provide rewards for them. Whether it be free-flying tickets, products from particular retail stores, or cash coming back on their account, it is all beneficial for those spending a lot.

What to beware of when using one

Like everything else in the world, there are few downsides to having a credit card too. One biggest problem is that lots of people forget about how much they’ve spent and ended up realizing that they need to return a lot of money, which is usually way more than they earn monthly.

Another issue is the interest rate. No matter how low it is, it’s still an interest rate, and it is money that goes in the air. The bank will take them from you and you’ll get nothing in return. The awards are cool, but you still need to find the beste kredittkort if you want to have a great experience.


These are some of the things you must know about credit cards. If you already own one or more, these things might not come as a surprise, but some of the things you won’t know as facts. If you wanted to know more about them, now you have a full understanding of what they are, how they work, and what you need to be aware of when using them.

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Imputed Interest

What is an ‘Imputed Interest’

Imputed interest is used by the Irs (Internal Revenue Service) as a way of gathering tax profits on loans or securities that pay little or no interest. Imputed interest is essential for discount bonds, such as zero-coupon bonds, and other securities that are sold below face value and mature at par. The IRS uses an accretive technique when calculating the imputed interest on Treasury bonds and has Applicable Federal Rates (AFR) that set a minimum rates of interest in relation to imputed interest and original concern discount rate guidelines.

BREAKING DOWN ‘Imputed Interest’

Imputed interest might apply to loans among friends and family. For instance, a mother loans her child $50,000 without any interest charges. The relevant short-term federal rate is 2%. The son needs to be paying his mom $1,000 annually ($50,000 x. 02 = $1,000.) The Internal Income Service (IRS) assumes the mom gathers this amount from her child and lists it on her income tax return as interest income, despite the fact that she did not collect it.

Suitable Federal Rates

Since lots of low-interest or interest-free loans were being negotiated and not being taxed, the Internal Revenue Service developed Applicable Federal Rates (AFR) through the Tax Act of 1984. The AFR figures out the lowest interest that might be charged on loans below a particular rates of interest threshold and considers the quantity of possible earnings produced from the rates of interest as imputed income. Because of the creation of AFR, the Internal Revenue Service may collect tax earnings from loans that otherwise are not taxed.

Computing Imputed Interest on a Zero-Coupon Bond

When computing imputed interest on a zero-coupon bond, a financier first determines the bond’s yield to maturity (YTM). Assuming the accrual duration is one year, the financier divides the stated value of the bond by the price he paid when acquiring it. He then increases the value by a power equal to one divided by the number of accrual periods before the bond develops. The financier lowers the number by one and multiplies by the number of accrual periods in one year to determine the zero-coupon bond’s YTM.

Example of Imputed Interest

Imputed interest is crucial for identifying pension payments. For instance, when a worker retires from a business in which he was a member of a pension strategy, the company might use the retired person a swelling amount of the $500,000 set aside for him under the strategy, or he might get $5,000 a year in benefits. Assuming the appropriate short-term federal rate is 2%, the retired person needs to figure out whether he might receive a much better imputed rates of interest in another market by taking the lump sum and buying an annuity offering greater income.

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