Great Barrier Reef: A Must-Visit Diver’s Paradise in Australia

Great Barrier Reef is a popular destination for tourists who have keen interest in diving since
this place is considered to be a diver’s paradise. This ecosystem is also perfect for those who
might want to learn underwater diving to experience the aquatic life that is beneath the waters.
Many tourists visit here from several cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane Australia.
Great Barrier Reef is one of the tropical islands where one time you can think of heading out for
picnic and at other times you might have to run back to the mainland because the island
disappears whenever there is a high tide. This beautiful spot, which is also the world’s largest
coral reef apart from being a diver’s paradise, is worth a lot more.
Things to Explore
People who visit the place can stay in vacation rentals for a few days here to explore the place.
The coral reef hosts an impressive range of coral gardens, which further unravels beautiful
spots underwater that includes the molluscs, coral sponges, dolphins, fishes, birds, and sea
turtles. While you are exploring the places, you are bound to make some friends over there,
and if you are persistent enough you can become friends with the dolphins too.
Things to Do
Here are few things that can excite you:
 Riding a Scooter the Aquatic Way: The aquatic scooter, which is also known as Scuba
Doo that is yellow in color and has a supporting diving helmet, helps you go on an
underwater scooter ride. If you are unsure about safety, then you should know that
throughout your ride there is a guide alongside you.
 Swim to Where the Minke Whales Can Be Friends with You: If you happen to visit the
island during the month of June or August, then you can definitely see the minke whales
that migrate to the tropical island during the winter season. You can learn snorkeling
and diving and show off your skills while you head out to the place where minke whales
are found. It is said that whales approach the swimmers themselves.
 Skydive Your Fear of the Reef: Skydiving is a fun filled activity for those who love taking
up thrilling adventures during their trips. If you wish to view the incredible coral reef
from a height, then Skydiving is probably the best activity one must try out to have an
ultimate experience. The beautiful beach view from the sky looks amazing indeed.

You ought to try out these amazing things during your vacation to Great Barrier Reef and you
will soon realize why we refer to it as a diver’s paradise.

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